A Peer-to-Peer Cache System for Bitcoin

1. Bitcoin Cache System


Bitcache lets you cache a filtered and processed version of the bitcoin blockchain data. First, quick intro:

  1. Bitbus: Bitbus lets you crawl the blockchain for various filtered transaction patterns you're looking for using a simple query language named Bitquery.
  2. Bitsocket: Bitsocket lets you listen to realtime transaction events on the Bitcoin P2P network as they happen using Bitquery.
  3. TXT: TXT is a versatile bitcoin transaction storage system which lets you cache bitcoin transactions along with semantic metadata.

Bitcache integrates all 3 components, making it easy to stream Bitbus and Bitsocket data to TXT with a simple declarative syntax.

2. Peer to Peer


Bitcache creates TXT tape, a single self-contained portable SQLite file, which can be opened by any SQLite client, can be hosted and served by any TXT client, and can be shared in a distributed manner.

Because the portable TXT tape encapsulates an entire API stack in a single portable file, the API can be easily shared and replicated in a peer to peer manner.

You can archive or pass it around easily, such as through USB drives, email attachments, BitTorrent, etc. After all, it's just a single file.